We have been working very hard recently in 6th Class. We have completed loads of Science experiments including the balloon experiment: When a person puts their whole weight on one balloon, all of the pressure from that person is concentrated on one small area of the balloon, which results in the balloon bursting. When the person’s weight is distributed over several balloons, the balloons do not burst because the pressure is spread over a large area.

We have been loving doing Gaelic Football with John every Thursday along with loads of fundamental movements drills.

We planted acorns and are looking after them by watering them daily.

We had 3 teams that entered a science quiz in Killenaule and came 2nd, 4th and 5th.

We completed our 5 week cycling safety course with Cycle Right and loved every minute of this.

We completed a STEM group project where we had complete a challenge where we had to make a 3D camouflaged animal and complete a project on the animal we chose. Other classes came to visit and we told them all about our animals and how we created our settings and habitats.

We had Keiko from Japan visit us and told us all about life in Japan and Japanese culture. This was really interesting. We asked loads of questions and were able to add this information to our Google Slide projects on Japan.

We travelled to New Inn where we watched a Science show on sustainability during Science Week.

We were also very busy painting the windows for Christmas around the school. This is a 6th class tradition and was great fun!