After spending the last 3 weeks learning about how farms, we will never forget how important they are. We identified just how much of the food we eat comes from a farm. We identified what meat and dairy we get from animals such as pigs, sheep, cattle and poultry. We discussed the process of milking and even made our own butter using, fresh cream, a lunchbox, a marble and lots of elbow grease. We were very impressed with the end result. We learning all about wheat and oats, looking at and naming the different parts of the fully grown cereal plant. We watched some videos which showed us the journeys that wheat and oats take from the farm to the product on the supermarket shelf. We then looked at different food groups in the food pyramid and made our own food pyramids. We also discussed different machines that we might find on a farm and how to stay safe whilst on a working farm. Finally during art we made sheep, pigs and cattle using paper plates and other bits and pieces. We also made tractors using lollipop sticks, paint and coloured paper. We really enjoyed learning all about farms and we hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our hard work!