Last week we read the Climate SOS Book as part of our focus on sustainability. This is a really good book which was published by the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland). We are doing it as part of our Model Reading before lunch time.

For Art we drew 2 characters from this book: Guzzler and Sparkie, with the help of the illustrator of this book, Alan Nolan. This was great fun and we hung our pictures on our new “Sustainable Energy” wall.

We also completed comic strip stories based on Sparkie and Guzzler. We loved this part!

We created group projects projects on different aspects of sustainable energy in Science and Geography.

We also worked in pairs to create and present Google Slides Presentations based on different renewable forms of energy.

We also had a really informative Zoom meeting with Niall from Tipperary Energy. It was brilliant to ask him loads of questions and get his opinions on different renewable energy types.

Next week we are really excited to have a meeting with former Clerihan NS student and Youth Climate Activist and Environmentalist, Heather Doyle!