School Self-Evaluation

For School Self-Evaluation (SSE) for the school year 2018/2019 we are focusing on an aspect of Oral Language from the new Primary Language Curriculum (PLC). We are working to improve outcomes for all our pupils in using the Primary Language Curriculum and in particular Learning Outcome 4: Sentence Structure and Grammar.

– Using the PLC Progression Continuum to highly differentiate oral language activities.
– Improve pupil spoken text along tenses (past/present/future), connectives (joining sentences) and hypothetical speaking (what if scenarios).
– Develop common approaches across the school to oral language sentence and grammar development.

Below is our summary of work carried out to date on SSE:

Clerihan N.S. School Self-Evaluation Summary 2018/2019

You can help us to support the SSE process by:

– Check our website regularly for updates on what you can do at home to feed into the SSE process.
– Explore the suggested works we send home via email on the various aspects of Oral Language that we are focusing on.
– Give us feedback on parental surveys we send out from time to time to help us to help you!




Parents’ Corner:

As a support to your child during the SSE process we are asking parents/guardians to work on pronouns and their use in the first term. Below is an information card on what is a pronoun as well as an Oral Language activity on the use of pronouns. Remember, these are spoken activities!

What is a Pronoun?

Pronoun Card Game