General School Information

Our school times are 9:10am to 2:50pm (Infants finish at 1:50pm with First Class finishing at 1:50pm on Fridays). The is open to receive pupils from 8:55am daily. The Board of Management accepts no responsibility for pupils on the school grounds before this time. Pupils must not enter the school grounds in the morning until received by a member of staff.

Our school uniform consists of:

  • green jumper
  • grey shirt
  • grey trousers
  • striped tie
  • grey knee-socks/ tights

Our school tracksuit consists of:

  • green jumper
  • green trousers
  • yellow jumper

You can see them here.

Tracksuits are worn by all classes. Uniforms are worn from Second Class up. Classes will be told by their teacher which days are tracksuit and which days are uniform appropriate.