Each year, the 6th class members of this team identify a problem that they want to explore. Last year, they looked at biodiversity and native trees and ran a successful Plant a Planet campaign in conjunction with other schools around the country.

This year, they have turned their attention to waste production and this year’s project is called Replace your Waste. The pupils want to look at the types of waste we are producing both in school and in our wider community and are looking for ways to replace these products with more sustainable alternatives.

So far, the pupils audited the waist bins in the school to get an idea of what type of waste is being produced. They then created two different presentations, one for the junior side of the school and one for the senior side of the school and they delivered these to each class on how to recycle correctly. They are running a Best Bins competition to encourage everyone to recycle correctly. The class who wins this competition is going to win an outdoor science lesson that will be taught by 5th class members of the Eco Team.

They visited the plant at Clonmel Waste Disposal and were given a tour by Brian who taught them more about how to recycle and what happens to our waste after it is collected.

They met with members of the parents association to find out what type of waste is produced in the wider community. One thing that was mentioned was the waste produced at Children’s parties and so the Eco Team have launched a sustainable party box that can be rented from the school.

The Eco Team would like to thank Ms.Moore for all the support, help and advice she has given the group!