Junior Infants were busy working on their fine motor skills with this newspaper ripping activity. It was great fun rolling the newspaper & practicing our aim as we threw them into the confetti box. We had great fun cutting cabbage leaves too.

We had great fun working on our pre-writing skills, pretending we were taking shade from the sun.

We had our first art lesson! Do you like the balloons we made for our hot air balloons? Experimenting with colour & designs to create beautiful, unique pieces. “Every child is an artist.” (Pablo Picasso)

We worked on our fine-motor skills in fine-motor stations. During this time, we all spend time at each station. We enjoyed threading beads, making houses with lollipop sticks, picking pom poms with tweezers, placing pegs in pegboards & manipulating elastics to make shapes & patterns on geoboards.

We had great fun in our lovely school hall working on our pencil roll & our balance skills on a balance board.