We had a hectic week in school. We had so many activities that we can’t go into detail on them all. If you see any of the boys around be sure to ask them about each of the pictures.
We visited the church, went to the astro turf pitch by the park, used lollipop sticks, counters and books to measure different things. We finished some art in time for Christmas, we watched the panto and had a party and we did some outdoor activities with Ms. McCarthy and Ms. Tierneys class.
We made ginger bread cookies, went to see the crib in the church and mark the postman visited us so we could send reminder letters to Santa!
Our big task this week was to record our play with Ms. McCarthy’s class. We finally got it pieced together today. It’ll be ready to view on the school website in the coming days.
We are so excited to show you all our great acting skills!