We did loads of activities for Maths Week in every class last week.

We took part in the game Three In-a-Row, by making our own addition or subtraction sum from the numbers we got on two die. We also looked at maths problems and worked out the following word problem independently (Some dogs and ducks were in the garden. There were 10 legs altogether in the garden, how many dogs and ducks might there have been? Explain your answer.), then we discussed the different outcomes we got or could get.
We really enjoyed doing lots of fun math activities this week, but we found the game Three In-a-Row the most enjoyable.

Lots of fun activities this week working with number, time, mental maths , addition abs subtraction snap, cared games and board games.

We had some of the older classes coming down helping the younger classes play some card games, Kahoot! quizzes, archery target arrows games  and number games! There was loads of data collection going on also!

Other classes took place in Maths Eyes competitions around the school where they identify different aspects of Maths in the environment.

Congratulations to Chris who was the successful estimator of the amount of sweets in the jar. Thanks to Mr.Ryan for running this competition. Chris won the jar of sweets for his class and decided to share them with Junior Infants as well as his own class! The correct estimate was 116.