Over the last week we have done so much!
We are learning about Spain and we made Spanish omelettes! We used a frying pan and our new oven. They tasted delicious. We also decorated some flamenco dancers.
We’ve done some fine motor activities and as mentioned in our previous post we changed our wall. The titanic is no more. It is now full of our gorgeous rainbow fish.
This Wednesday was grand parents day so we wrote cards to our grandparents and we posted them using the post box at the shop. While we were there we had a little treat too! Sure we couldn’t leave without it.
Adele who is an artist in clonmel visited our class. We made some snails and a cup among other things. We are going to be working with Adele for the next few weeks to make some tiles for the entrance to our new sensory garden.
We have been doing lots of PE activities and have been working hard on our gymnastics recently. Have a look at some of the equipment we’ve been using!
That’s all from Mr. O’Mahony’s class for now. Be sure to drop by again soon to check out what we’ve been up to.