Science Week/Engineers Week/Maths Week

This year we have already taken part in Space Week, Maths Week and Science Week.  We look forward to more of these weeks in school throughout the year.

Space Week

Space week was great! Here you can read some comments from our classes about what they did during Space Week.

The classes learned about constellations in history,  the solar system in geography and the Rosetta mission in science.  In Maths some classes drew constellations and identified the lines and angles.  We listened to Holst’s The Planets in Music and we painted galaxies in art.

As part of Space Week,  we looked at the constellations on Wednesday. We read some of the Greek myths about the constellations and we made constellation viewers.  We then used flash lights to project the constellations.  We had loads of fun!

We did an experiment today to see how far the moon is from the earth. This involved us first of all finding the size of the moon compared to earth. We were surprised to learn that the moon is 1 quarter the size of the earth and we used a balloon to show this in comparison to our globe.

We then had to look at scales and working to a scale. We learned loads of key skills. We learned all about how far the moon is away from earth. We were surprised to see how far apart they are!  We even had to go out to the yard to show fully how far they are apart. It was great fun and very interesting.

Today we learned all about the European Space Agency (ESA) This agency explores space. There are 22 countries which make up the ESA and Ireland are one of these countries. We learned all about the Rosetta Space Mission also. The Rosetta was a space probe built by the ESA. It was launched in 2004. The Rosetta performed a detailed study of the comet called  67P. We learned all about the story of Rosetta and Philae as told by the ESA. Thanks to Mrs.Moore for helping us gather these lovely resources!

Today we spoke about the solar system for Space Week. We know that Earth is a little bit like Baby Bear in Goldilocks, it’s conditions are “just right” to support human, animal & plant life. We watched an astronaut brushing his teeth in space, it was v funny. The toothbrush was floating! We’re all very happy that gravity keeps us all on the ground on Earth.

Maths Week

We really enjoyed Maths Week this year. You can see all the things we did this year below along with some pictures!

We have had loads of fun all week for Maths Week. We did activities with 2D shapes all around us and we worked on patterns and making houses with these shapes also. We learned how to count to 15 by playing different games! We did some lovely Halloween art also using Maths. We did a Maths Trail out in the yard where we examined different types of lines and angles. We used symmetry to complete our Halloween art.

This week we had great fun for Maths Week. We explored loads of different patterns and shapes in our environment. We loved making these patterns with Mr.Ryan.

Maths week began today so we went outside to do some maths mazes.  We had to use concentration and logic to get through the mazes!

We did lots of activities this week for Maths Week. After our maths mazes, we did puzzles, code crackers and Izak 9 cubes. We finished up today with a Maths Trail. Maths is great fun and we are really good at it!

We finished Maths Week 2020 with a Maths Trail. We had great fun gathering data to compile. We studied traffic going by the school. We measured shapes in the yard. We solved problems around the number of windows in the hall. We are really good at Maths! We really enjoyed all the activities on Maths Week TV also. We played games on the calculator and saw pictures being made with 2D shapes. We solved magic squares and target boards. We love Maths!

We started yesterday morning with an activity from Maths Week TV. We worked on our multiples and identified relationships and patterns between numbers.

In the afternoon we worked on developing our spatial awareness by completing some tangrams. This takes loads of concentration and thinking outside the box.

Today we used the IZAK 9 cubes. These cubes are loads of fun and help us in loads of different areas of our Maths. They show us how there are loads of different ways we can solve the same sum. We work in groups to solve different questions. We follow 4 very important steps in our groups: Plan, Do, Review and Make Sense. This is really enjoyable and we can’t wait to use the cubes again!

Science Week