Clerihan N.S. operates under a Catholic ethos, however; we welcome enrolments from all faiths and none. We will hold an Open Evening for Parents/Guardians on October 6th at 7pm.  You can also see a virtual tour of our school on our school website. Commencement of the enrolment period takes place at the beginning of October and enrolment closes in late February.

Mid-year enrolments should contact the office directly for enrolment information.

Our admission policy and current enrolment forms are attached below for convenience. The admission application form can be submitted to the office by email or in hard copy. An enrolment form will then be forwarded to you.  If you have further queries on the admission process  please don’t hesitate to contact the school office to speak to our principal.

Enrolment for September 2022.2023

Application for admission for September 2023 is open from October 3rd.

Completion of the application form is accepted as an expression of interest in our school and does not guarantee enrolment.

Closing date for applications is February 24th . All successful applicants will then receive an enrolment form.

Please click the following link if you wish to enrol a child in Clerihan N.S. in September

2023_2024 Admissions-Notice.docx (1)

Mainstream Enrolment Admissions Form 2023.docx

ASD Special Class Admission Application Form 2023.docx

17486A Clerihan NS Admission Policy approved with Amendment 2022 (2)