We have been really enjoying learning how to play chess with Mrs.Fleming in recent weeks. We are learning all the rules through games and we are playing class tournaments on the IPads and laptops. We look forward to the upcoming chess competition in the next few weeks!

We were helping 4th and 5th Classes with making some Google Slides Presentations and Kahoot! quizzes. We learned these important IT skills before Christmas and we loved helping the younger students these skills.

We learn Japanese every week for 1 hour with Keiko! It is really interesting to learn all about a new language and culture and we are excited to make a Japanese curry in the next few weeks!

We made motte and bailey castles for Art as we learned all about the Normans in History. We used recyclable materials to do so in our groups. The younger classes then came to visit and see our finished products!

We had a debate between 2 teams in our class. We debated about the effectiveness of Sustainable Development Goals. It was a very close debate and we were delighted to invite our parents in to watch!