Christmas Play

We hope you enjoy our Christmas performance! If you are having difficulty opening this video, please click here


This week 1st Class were being creative. On Wednesday morning we did some collaborative colouring. Each child coloured one piece and we then we put all pieces together to form a beautiful rainbow that shines down in our classroom. A great example of what happens when...


On Friday in Art we learned about the primary colours: blue, yellow and red. We then experimented to see what secondary colours we could make by mixing two primary colours together. Check out our masterpieces below!


Since returning to school after midterm, 1st Class have been learning all about boats. We started off by making a list of all of the different types of boats that we could think of. We then learned all about a very famous boat, the Titanic. We wrote fact files about...

Trick Or Treat For Temple Street!

What a day we had to finish the 1st term. We took part in Trick Or Treat For Temple Street once again. There were lots of scary visitors to our school! Mrs.Fleming used Google Meet to go around to each class, so we could see what everyone was dressed up as. Well done...