2nd class had a very busy month of November. So much learning and activity took place. The children worked really hard, throughout the month. 2nd class is a busy classroom, with lots of learning taking place. All the children are working so hard. Well done to all of them!
We are enjoying our Dance classes with Gillian. We have some very good dancers in 2nd class! We are also enjoying Gaelic Football coaching with our coach John. We mix fundamental movement skills with ball skills. We are making good progress in both areas.
We like active movement and love doing GoNoodle warm-up exercises in the classroom. We have also been working on breathing exercises and mindfulness activities. We love belly breathing and rainbow breathing.
We have really enjoyed the Visual Arts subjects – Drama, Music, Art. We have done Winter and Woodland Drama pieces. We have also produced Dramatic pieces from the story “Dinosaur Dash” and have acted out Situation cards. We enjoy working in groups, producing the drama pieces.
In Music we have started Tin Whistle and have been working on numerous Christmas Carols/Songs. We will be singing Frosty The Snownan for our Christmas Show presentation.
In Art we have made Winter Clothes, Christmas jumpers and have created Winter Silhouettes.
In History we learned about Winter in the Past; The Big Snow of 1982; The History of the Late Late Toy Show and also about Alexander Graham Bell.
In Geography we did a Virtual Woodland Walk. We learned about Climate Change, sustainability and COP 27. We did experiments with soil and water We learned about Homelessness.
In Science we learned about Climate Change, Seasons, Habitats, The Fox and The Badger.
We were busy preparing for our First Communion Enrollment Ceremony; where we promised to do our very best to prepare well for our First Holy Communion. We will be making our First Penance after Christmas and will be making our First Communion in May.
In SPHE we enjoy doing the “Friends For Life” Programme and are learning so much from this. We learned how to properly converse with someone, one on one. We used iPads to transfer the words we typed into Voice conversations! We are also doing the “Mindful Matters” Programme and finding it very beneficial.
We are working really hard in English, Maths and Irish. English Literacy Station Teaching, Literacy Lift Off, take place three times a week. The classroom is always a place of great learning, during these sessions.
We look forward to December; continuing our learning and progression.
Of course we can’t wait for Christmas, in December!
That’s all from 2nd class, for now.