2nd class have had a very busy month, after returning from the Christmas Holidays. The children have worked really hard, throughout the month. Well done to all of them!

We are enjoying our Dance classes with Gillian and our Gaelic Football coaching with our coach John. We are learning and performing Grease Lightning, at the moment, in Dance.
We are doing GAA coaching after school every Thursday as well, and really enjoy this.
We have been doing gymnastics in P.E and we are making very good progress.
We have really enjoyed the Visual Arts subjects – Drama, Music, Art. We have produced Dramatic pieces from the story “The First Snow of Winter” and ‘Dan’s Magic Gold’. We enjoy working in groups, producing drama pieces.
In Music we are learning the Tin Whistle. We also learned about Chinese instruments, Disco Music and Traditional African Music.
In Art we have constructed Castles from cardboard, Christmas decorations from Clay, Flower pots from clay. We have drawn Edvard Munch’s Scream picture with oil pastels and we have mixed primary and secondary colours to produce painted Colour Wheels. .
In History we learned about Submarines, The Navy, Pastimes in the Past, the Seaside in the past and the timeline of cameras.
In Geography we learned about the Water Cycle, Water Conservation, China, the Chinese New Year and Habitats.
In Science we learned about the Crow. We did experiments in Floating/Sinking, we designed vehicles from plasticine to float in water, we learned about the parts of plants and trees, and we learned all about Irish Trees.
We will be making our First Penance in March and will be making our First Communion in May. We are currently busy preparing for the First Penance.
In SPHE we enjoy doing the “Friends For Life” Programme and are learning so much from this.We are currently working on the Stay Safe Programme.
We are working really hard in English, Maths and Irish. Maths Station Teaching takes place three times a week. The classroom is always a place of great learning, during these sessions.
We look forward to February; continuing our learning and progression.
That’s all from 2nd class, for now.