What a month for Third Class it has been!
We have been very busy and active in our lessons since our return from the Easter holidays. We have been very lucky to have some visitors in our classroom this month. Our first one was from Johnny, a local firefighter, who taught us all about fire safety in our homes. We have also started to learn Japanese! Keiko, our teacher, will visit us once a week until the end of May. So far we can say our name, looked at some Japanese writing and have begun to learn a song too. We were very lucky too to have the Book Fair visit our school for the week. So many of the student’s in Third Class have purchased so many new books.
We also took advantage of the gorgeous sunny weather recently and went out into the sensory garden on a mini-beast hunt. There was a variety of mini-beasts to be found from ladybirds, wasps and green beetles. From this we then had to create a box project on a mini-beast of our choice from our hunt.
Last but not least, we finally have our hot meals. They are going down a treat everyday with everyone in Third Class. Everyone is so excited to try something new everyday. Thank you to The Lunch Bag for the delicious meals at lunch time.